The melding of the traditional and the modern.

Born in Fuji-shi, a small town at the base of Mount Fuji, Kyomi Takahashi comes from the beautiful Shizuoka prefecture in the famous Tokai region of Japan. This region is renown for its rich and vibrant community of classical artisans and artists from all aspects of traditional Japanese culture going back over 1,000 years. Now residing in the United States, Kyomi is part of a rich family tradition of Shodo artists, and her mother is the prominent Shodo artist Sueko Takahashi, 8th dan Shihan in Shodo.

Though there are many styles of Shodo in Japan, Kyomi has ventured into a style all her own. She expresses elements of traditional styles with modern designs, creating a truly unique mixed media style.

“My desire is to appeal to my senses of tradition while also looking forward, bringing modern elements and technique to my art. The appeal goes beyond simple characters on a piece of paper, and reaches a broader interest that respects the old while keeping the art fresh and alive.”

Kyomi’s body of work includes everything from the classical calligraphy styles of Shodo to modern mixed media pieces and designs for one-of-a-kind tattoos.

“I think this Japanese art has the potential to warm the hearts of people from all over the world, and I hope that my art brings inspiration and happiness to people regardless of their ability to speak, read or write in Japanese."

"Art permeates all boundaries, and warms the soul of all people.”

A selection of available pieces are here on, each one handmade and unique (no prints). Kyomi regularly adds pieces to her online store, so be sure to check back often to discover her latest works. Custom pieces are her hallmark, and she welcomes inquiries for commissions and custom art.